Wedding cakes and the perfect husband

It’s almost bedtime and we read from a book about her favorite character, Paddington. Tonight we read a chapter in wich all the grown-ups go to a wedding and the little bear remains all alone at home. He doesn’t like going to weddings, maybe he would go for the wedding cake. But they promised they will bring him a slice or two.

She tells me that she likes weddings and wedding cakes and that she remembers when we went to that wedding last year and how good where the sweets on the table by the entrance in the restaurant.

I smile, with a smile that is not actually mine. I don’t remember what wedding we went last year!

⁃ The wedding with a big globe above the ring dance, mama! Where I met the little girl and we dance all three of us. And we took a photo in front of a big red heart. Remember mama?

⁃ Oh, yes! I remember now! When you didn’t let me dance alone with your daddy…

⁃ Because I was a little nervous … weddings makes me like that… But the sweets were so good!

⁃ Your wedding also will make you a little nervous and emotional. All of us will be like that. And you will have the best sweets and wedding cake in the whole world!

⁃ I don’t want to get marry mama!

⁃ Why not, baby?

⁃ Because I don’t know if I will find a perfect husband! You did! You married a perfect husband!

⁃ Well, you have at list 20 years ahead to find one, so don’t worry about that now! And dada is perfect, right?

⁃ Yes, he is! He plays with me and give me sweets and we watch movies together and we eat porcorn…

⁃ I meant perfect for me, baby…

⁃ He is perfect for you also mama, we are the most perfect love sandwich in the world! I should tell Paddington that, he loves sandwiches!

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