About me

I am a daughter, wife and mother. Fascinated by the world in which the little humans live, because in there the main occupation is PLAY. They feel everything at the highest intensity and all their feelings are sincere. 

I’m very passionate about writing. I have been for a long time, but I always thought that I just had too many thoughts, not necessary a voice and a story to tell. Maybe because of my technical studies and professions. Or maybe the voice wasn’t so strong then.

In the last decade I have been writing, translating and editing texts. Some of them technical, others for industries as fashion, design and lifestyle. I have worked for online magazines and top companies in electronics, IT, design, couture, fashion or cosmetics.

Then, my daughter was born. And all my energy went there. 

I learned and I learned, I researched a lot and little by little I gained new expertise in areas that little I knew about: parenting, products for babies and children, books, activities, health and nutrition. 

So now I’m writing because a want to bring joy. To myself, to my daughter and luckily, to others who have similar interests. I write about what I know best: feelings and worries and fears, the adventures and challenges of being a young mom, the ongoing search for peace and calm, the harmony in us, in our family and the world we live in.

I guess I could say I’m a story maker. Because every story is a journey, that once taken, it leaves us with so much more. It leaves us richer and happier. And because at the end of the day, we all do our best. Even the little humans!

You can write me at contact@littlehumans.blog

All I asked is to use a respectful and civilised tone. If we want the little ones to behave, we are the first and the best example for them to follow.