School in time of Covid-19

We’re back in online now. And, beside all the tehnicalities that can go wrong (and sometimes they sure do) there are a lot of other aspects that can’t be ignored.

For instance, if you are a parent of 2 or more children, you must possess the following:

1. a big house, with a number of rooms, equiped with table,desk and chairs, bigger then the number of children attending online courses. And the rooms must not be too close, in order that the online classes can be held properly; the teacher and the students will talk loud.

2. a number of electronic devices on wich the lessons can be watched equal or bigger then the number of children. A spair one would be a plus, if a battery wears out or something goes wrong on one of the devices.

3. two sets of hands, heads and bodies entirely, to be fair. If the children are preschoolers or first graders, they will need some asistance on their online courses. And since the classes are generaly in the morning, if you can’t double yourself, find a helper. Or own the fact that you are serious limiting your children rights to a free mandatory education. If they attend a public preschool or school. If not, save some money for later therapy sesions, it will be needed!

4. if you are a teacher yourself, that could be a really big challenge. The biggest of all I assume. In one room of the house your kid is having his online classes, in the other you are holding yours. Top that!

5. money to pay your electricity, heating and cable bills. Imagine having online classes in a house without electricity, cable or heat. As a lot of the houses in rural Romania are.

I heard today at “radio gossip” that the Romanian Minister of Education, when asked how can the online courses can be held in a house without electricity, she replied that the children can watch the lessons on TV. I sure hope it was a misunderstanding and that the history will remember her for something else, bigger then all of that.

Books about bears – preschool edition

So, we really like bears … small bears, big bears, brown bears, white bears. Funny silly bears or big serious ones. All sorts of them.

The first bear my daughter met 5 years ago, when she was a baby, was Corduroy. It was love at first site, pardon read. He remained one of her favourites for a long time. Then came Winnie the Puf, how she calls it, even though she knows is Puh. Then is was Paddington’s turn to move in our library. We loved all it’s silly adventures, we also saw the movies and now she is watching cartoons with Mr. Brown, the bear from the Darkest Peru that loves eating marmelade sandwiches.

Then Little bear come, with his little books and his little friends. And the list goes on.

The latest love is the little bear from Goldilocks and the three bears. She even padded it on the page where he asks Goldilocks if she wants more porrindge.

And of course, the bear from Leaves by Davis Ezra Stein, who loves leaves so much that he doesn’t want them to fall out of the trees.

But, enough talking, let me show you our collection of bears books. I wonder, what is your favourite?

Books about bears

Ziua Educatiei

Pentru ca astazi este Ziua internationala a Educatiei, am vrut sa omagiem educatorii de pretutindeni. Multi dintre noi, parinti sau nu, suntem sau am fost candva educatorii cuiva. Unii au facut scoli inalte pentru a deveni educatori de prestigiu; altii au avut un talent deosebit si o daruire remarcabila pentru a ii invata pe ceilalti. Cu blandete si rabdare si cu multa empatie. Ori folosind vorbe urate si metode gresite si mult prea autoritare de predare. Unii au adus aceasta meserie la stadiul de arta. Altii nici nu si-au dorit asta, pentru ei fiind doar o slujba.

Cu totii am avut un domn Trandafir in viata noastra. Si marii autori de carti pentru copii au avut unul sau daca nu, l-au inventat.

Iata mai jos o mica galerie a educatorilor pe care i-am cunoscut din cartile citite pana acum, la cei aproape 6 ani ai fiicei mele. Cand va mai creste va afla si despre peripetiile altor dascali celebri. Pana atunci insa, premiul I in clasamentul nostru il primeste Miss Margareta, profesoara de muzica a indragitei Crizantema. Il poate imparti cu Miss Honey, profesoara Matildei sau cu Miss Stacy, profesoara lui Anne of Green Gables. La polul opus o gasim pe doamna Miss ce le are in grija pe Madlen si celelalte 11 colege ale ei.

Important things children do

I’m preparing some materials for the activities I want to do with her today. I print some images and drawings for colouring, I trace contours on a cardboard and I apply adhesive tape on it.

Little miss is watching cartoons on TV. Even if she knows some of the episodes by heart, she pays a lot of attention to all of her favourites. She likes some of the characters so much that she tells us all about their adventures, with lots and lots of details. She loves to tell stories, every little adventure becomes a fascinating story when she tells it.

I do not know from whom she has this gift of storytelling, her mother is an engineer!

The publicity break starts and she comes to inspect the work table:

– Oau, how cool! You did this? she asks, turning the piece of cardboard I’m working on. And all of this beautiful drawings! We will colour them later, ok?

– Later, tomorrow, whenever you will like!

– I already told you, later, now I can’t! I have important things to do, children things!                                  

I don’t dare to ask her what important things she has to do, I’m afraid she will start a list with lost of household chores. Like she did the other night,  when her father came home from work and asked her what she did all day. She said that she dusted, made muffins, eat them, watered all the flowers (we only have 5 or 6 pots with flowers, but hey, who am I to comment?) washed the laundry…

– Oh! Is that so? And what important things you have to do right now? I reply after a few seconds I need to gather the courage to ask.

– To play, to watch cartoons, to organise missions with my superheroes team, I have important things to do, mama! Children things!


Spring books