How does a child sees the sky

A child sees the world in all the colours his parents brought him in contact with.

At birth, he sees only shadows; then he starts seeing clear shapes, mostly in black and white. Then, his eyes will adapt to the exterior and he will be able to see the world as it is. Soon he’ll recognise his parents and other members of the family, his toys and his room. Little by little he will learn that yes, the blouse mama is wearing is red, the sun is yellow and the grass is green. And the snow is white. Not in a very long time he will also be able to name the colours he grew up with.

For him the world is not just big or small. Is the bird from the tree in the park, his mother’s smile when he wakes up from his nap or his father voice in the evening, when he comes home.

The joy is yellow, the happiness orange and mother’s love is scarlet red. The toys are green, wooden or they have many colours.The fear has the least vibrant colour of all: as black as the darkness is. Because it belongs only there, the fear shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of the day.

The sky is blue. In his brightness the child is imagining oceans and ships and pirates. Whales and birds and all the big universe that he is starting to discover. Because all adventures are to be searched and lived and told. And one has to draw them. In all the colours of the rainbow. Of happiness. So tell me child, how is the sky today?