Health and nutrition

Little miss doctor

I cough for some days now. If someone asks me what I do these days, this is what I do: I cough.

I cough so much I annoy her. I disturb her play, her sleep, her storytelling, everything she does. This evening she took out her little lantern and came to see how sick I really am. With the most serious face, like a real doctor, she asked me to open my mouth.

-Lean your head backwards and open your mouth! Aha, you have something in there, is clear now! From there is all of that coughing.


-Don’t talk, you will cough again! Ok, now you can close your mouth.

She turns her back to me to put the lantern away. And, as she is staying like that, she whispers something, more like for herself:

-Maybe it was better to go see a doctor about this cough. But you will be alright, you’ll see!

-Should I take something?


-For the cough. Should I take something to get better?

-Yes, you can take something. She turns to be and says:

-In my medicine cabinet there is Vitamin C, if you take a teaspoon, it will go away, you will see.

So I go to her cabinet, what else can I do? If the doctor said so…