Pumpkins and turkeys and giving thanks

When your daughter likes pumpkins and Hallowen and Thanksgiving dinners (even if you don’t live in the US) what can you do?

You buy her books about it and you read them together. And you carve pumpkins and make Hallowen costumes and go trick or treat with her.

And then she will make the Thanksgiving menu and ask you to include some turkey in it and some gravy, of course. And corn and potatoes. But not sweet potatoes, she doesn’t like sweet potatoes. And a pumpkin pie she will help making. And some edamame, she loves edamame. What if they are not a Thanksgiving tradition? Since she is making the menu, she can put anything she wants on it.

And then she will repeat the menu daily, in case you have a bad memory. I don’t have.

And then we will have a small Thanksgiving dinner, just the three of us, because we will be on a lockdown by then. But hey, it was a fun autumn, full of stories about pumpkins and turkeys and everything!

Pumkins and Thanksgiving stories

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