Earth day 2020

Today we celebrate Earth Day. I’m talking with my 5 year old daughter about Earth Day and we read some books we have about Earth. Then, in a sad kind of voice, she begins:
– If I would only knew that this bad virus will come, I would have had the space rocket repaired. That way we could celebrate it’s day by going around it or maybe going to the Moon and back.
I say nothing. What can I say, I wonder? She continues:
– The rocket with wich I came from the little Moon, remember? It broke when I landed. It was green and had no.2 painted on it. Mattew had the one with no.1, it was red. But now we have to celebrated here. I will draw something nice for it, a cake and some flowers maybe.
– Well, after all, I say, the Earth is our home, no? I think it is nice that we get to celebrated it at home. Giving it a chance to recover a little from all the damaged we have caused it.
– Oh,no! The Earth is damaged too? Like my space rocket?! This is the worst news and the worst day! It is not a happy day anymore, mama, you ruin it!

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