Farewell 2020!

I have 2020 reasons to talk about the year it’s about to end. I will not do it, of course, because I will not be able to end all of them by the time 2021 settles in.

2020 was a year of many encouters. With big scary things, real or just made up by our fears; with joys and happiness; with tears and worries. A beautiful large plate of emotions. Felted for ourselves or the people we love the most in this life.

It was a year like no other, at least for me. A year I learned that all I have can be wiped out in a second, without a warning or time to prepair. In which I learned that my liberties can all be taken away by a higher force, that I can’t fight without having to pay a big price.

Or that I cannot take my daughter for a walk in the park anymore. Nor to see her friends or relatives. A year I had to stay away from all the people I knew. To keep my distance. Keeping the distance is the first step in isolating our hearts and the good emotions. And keeping them all closed and ready in case something bad happens. Survival mode.

But I will not do any of these in 2021! My heart has to be open to the people I love, always. The fear has to go away now, in the last hours of 2020. All I need to keep is my courrage, to be able to face all that 2021 will bring along.

I hope it will bring a new chapter to be written and read. In which we would all have the power to choose the path or our actions.

I hope your new year will be a better one. And, as this year is prepairing to leave us, I want to thank you all! All of you that had stopped for a brief moment in time to visit littlehumans.blog

And I also wish that 2021 will repair all that this terrific year had broken. And that the end of 2021 will find you in a better place.

Happy new year everyone!

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