Books about bears – preschool edition

So, we really like bears … small bears, big bears, brown bears, white bears. Funny silly bears or big serious ones. All sorts of them.

The first bear my daughter met 5 years ago, when she was a baby, was Corduroy. It was love at first site, pardon read. He remained one of her favourites for a long time. Then came Winnie the Puf, how she calls it, even though she knows is Puh. Then is was Paddington’s turn to move in our library. We loved all it’s silly adventures, we also saw the movies and now she is watching cartoons with Mr. Brown, the bear from the Darkest Peru that loves eating marmelade sandwiches.

Then Little bear come, with his little books and his little friends. And the list goes on.

The latest love is the little bear from Goldilocks and the three bears. She even padded it on the page where he asks Goldilocks if she wants more porrindge.

And of course, the bear from Leaves by Davis Ezra Stein, who loves leaves so much that he doesn’t want them to fall out of the trees.

But, enough talking, let me show you our collection of bears books. I wonder, what is your favourite?

Books about bears

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