To be or not to be a fan

I take her from kindergarden. She is happy today, when the teacher announce her that I came to take her home, she screams in a super excited voice: mama!, then forgets to take her backpack and comes running to me: mama, you came! She hug me and in the exciting of the moment kisses my mask. Then we go to the car. She climbs all by herself in the carseat, she puts the belt on and then we go. The radio is playing an old Take That song. She likes it and asks me who is the singer.

⁃ Robbie Williams is singing, he is a friend of mine! I like it too, this song!

⁃ Mama, is this Wiliams your real friend? You play with him in the park? You know him? He invites you to his house for Hallowen? No mama, he doesn’t! I don’t know him, I don’t see him in our home, he is not your friend! He makes music and he has concerts and you can go to his concerts. You are a FAN mama, his fan! You are not his friend! You are just his fan!

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