Driving lesson

It’s a sunny yet cold morning. We walk to the car in a fast pace, maybe we can warm up a little. Suddenly she stops and says in a happy voice:

-Look mama, that is daddy’s car! Can we go with it at kindergarten? Please!!!

-Baby girl, mama doesn’t know how to drive daddy’s car! And I don’t even have the keys…

-I will show you how, I know!

-You do, don’t you? How come?

-I saw how daddy does it and now I know.


-You sit in the driver seat, press the round button and the car engine starts and the car begin to move. It has a sensor, you know? When there is no more space, it beeps. Then you stop, flash your signal and you go! And you go straight ahead, then you make a right turn, then a left one, you drive a little more and you arrive! You park, push the round button and get out of the car! See? Is so simple, mama! What do you say? You wanna try?

-So simple hah? I don’t have to do anything else…

-Well, you do, of course! You have to put your seatbelt on, but first you have to put my seatbealt on and you have to press the pedals. You push the pedals and the car goes vrum, vruuum. You don’t push them, the car stops. You want to try, mama?

-I don’t really want. But is a good thing that you know how, if we will ever need you to drive it…

-Mama, I am a child! I cannot drive daddy’s car! Come on, hurry up, it’s very cold and I will be late for today activities.


Driving lesson

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