Or should I just write Hallowen?

Until a few years back, I didn’t knew much about this celtic celebration of the deads. It was the movies and my daughter who gave the only meaning to this evening: we would dress in costumes, carve a Jack-o-lantern pumpkin and go “trick or treat”. Because throwing a Hallowen party in the pandemic it can be a little … tricky.

We are orthodox, not by choice, but by birth and we celebrate the deaths in the last Saturday of October. And we have some similar traditions for this evening too: we light candles ( not in pumpkins) and we prepare some food ( not only candies) to give away ( to treat). And we go to the cemetery and we light a candle to the graves of our relatives or friends that are no longer with us. We remember them and we celebrate their live. It’s the “Saturday of the deaths”

This year we kept the tradition: we made a pie, found a witch ( a small and very pretty one) and we carved a scary faced pumpkin. We took the little witch and the pumpkin and we went trick or treat.

We had some dinner and the story says that the pumpkin didn’t return home with us…

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