Eric Carle’s magic butterflies

From time to time the world makes place for a very special guest, whose life will be a celebration of beauty, joy and colour. One of these special creators was Eric Carle. The illustrations that he had imagine and drew, all the stories behind every line or contour he ever made, were stories of life. Pieces of his heart and playful soul. Because one cannot imagine The very hungry catterpillar or see the world through The brown bear’s eyes if he didn’t have a warm, loving heart. To share with others.

I first encouter Eric Carle’s magic books when I was 40 years old 🙂 I know, a little too late, but it wasn’t too late to fall in love with his beautiful and colorful work.

My daughter loves his books, all of them in the same way. She learned to count with the hungry catterpillar and to tell the time along with the grouchy ladybug.

As his star went up in the sky, from where it came to brighten our world, we are left sadden and more alone. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t continue to cherrish his stories, maybe now more than ever before.

If I could ask him just one question, I think it would be: Brown bear, what do you see from above?

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