The way to start a day by Bird Baylor, illustrated by Peter Parnall

I came across Peter Parnall illustration only by change. I was searching Caldecott medal recipients and his and Byrd Baylor’s book appeared there. This is a masterpiece, a coloured tribute to the sun in the most vivid paintings. Is a celebration of the dawn, as each nation and culture from the cavemen to our day nations had honour it. You must face east as soon as the sun comes, early in the morning. It’s only you and the sun and the song you feel in your heart and you start singing it.

Some nations bring gifts to the sun, others have festive celebrations for yhe brightest star. Some brings a new child in the first light of the morning for the sun to meet and know the child, protect him for the rest of his life. From Peru to China and from Congo to India, all the nations knows that they have to give something to the sun. The cavemen gave it, the egyptians and the ancient chinese also.

Your song, your offering will be one more in the world, will add magic to the brightness of the sun. The big yellow star will know you are there and will receive your greatings.

A new colour will appear in the sky and you will watch it as you start your day.

This beautiful book, with it’s brilliant illustrations first appeared in 1977! The year of my birth… But, after more than 40 years is still actual and still stunning. And it remind me to look east when I wake up, to honour the sun. Without it’s warm and light my life as I know it wouldn’t be possible.

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