If you give a mouse a cookie by Laura Numeroff

Book review

I had this book, in fact the whole “If you give…” series by Laura Numeroff, on my children books’s wishlist since my daughter was 2 or 3 years old.

The years passed, she was almost 5 and other books had priority. Until the last november at Bookfest, when I saw it as a new release from ones of the biggest publishing house here in Romania, Arthur.

And, because I coudn’t go myself to the Bookfest, I sent her godfather, who was going, a list with the books I wanted for her. Since the holiday season was approaching and then her birthday he wanted to buy her also some books from the list. One of them was this. And so we got to finally met this lovely character that soon became a favourite of my daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like mice. In our culture they are pets, in my grandparents house there were traps and poison for them all over the place. And when a field mouse would enter the summer house or the main one, it would be a very bad day for everyone!

Not even the romanian children books or folk stories don’t have them as characters. There are dogs and cats and chickens and goats and pigs. Even the big bad old wolf is. But no mice. So imagine my surprise when I started buying international children books and I found them all over.

But let’s get back to our book …

This little mouse has a lot of demands and adventures and I get why the kids may feel like they could have the same experiences. Because sometimes they do. All experiences from the book, except a haircut or moping the floor ( which will be very helpful) but the rest, oh yes!

If you want to read or to buy this book, you can find it here:

And, at the end of a day, you will also feel exhausted, just like the little boy in the book is. But the goog news is that, if you have just a little bit of energy left in your body after you finish reading the book, you can take part at the Greatest race of cookies!

And who wins gets all the cookies in the house! And then asks for a glass of milk and then…

Then you get to play with your best friend and to eat an extra cookie before going to bed. Which we did.

And what about you? Have you ever gave a mouse a cookie?

The big race with cookies

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