Plans for our together future

Text and illustrations Oliver Jeffers

Harper Collins Children’s Book, 2020

I saw the presentation for this new Oliver Jeffers book sometime in the summer. Back then the pandemy was “slowing down” and I though that it would make a beautiful birthday present for our “dada”.

It was supposed to be a symbol of his love for our daughter, the time they spend together, reading, laughing, playing. Dreaming and building memories. To be cherrish for a lifetime.

So, I ordered it and it arrived last week, just in time to be offered to the birthday boy… and since Oliver Jeffers, one of the greatest illustrators and children’s books authors, is one of our favourite author, this new book will be a great addition to our collection.

It might seem just another classic story about a father’s love for his daughter. In fact the book is dedicated to Mary, the author’s daughter. But is not just that. It is a tribute and a dedication for all the fathers and daughters of the world that aren’t so lucky. To get through this hard present and to be able to dream and build a better future.

The illustration is beautiful and simple, yet very expressive, as in all of Jeffers books.

It allows the reader to “see” beyond the drawing in each page and to imagine new and fantastic worlds and adventures. To dream a future, a better one.

The rimes are short and very well built, since is not so easy to compose rimes that actually have a deep meaning. And are easy to remember for the little readers.

We can try as hard as we can to build fortresses and places to hide us from all the exterior attacks ( viruses, big bad witches or pirates). But the reality is that all the “weapons” we need to protect ourselves are within us: the love, the care for our wellbeing, the memories, the great effort to get all our work done.

The author thinks that we are only free to dream a future when we are not facing a hard and frightening present. Which so many of us are facing right now.

I let you discover the book in your own pace and meaning. All I can add is that this is a book that all Oliver Jeffers fans have to read it. Especially the little girls that love to build small or big memories and things with their dads.

What we’ll build by Oliver Jeffers