Driving lesson

It’s a sunny but cold morning. We walk in a fast pace to the car, to get warmer. Suddenly she stops and with a happy voice she says:

-Look mama, this is daddy’s car! Can we go with it at kindergarten? Please!!!

-Baby girl, mama doesn’t know how to drive daddy’s car!

-I will show you how, I know!

-You do, don’t you? How come?

-I saw how daddy does it and now I know.


-You go sit in the driver seat, press the button and the lever and you start moving. The car has a sensor and when there is no more space, it will beep. Then you stop, you signal and you go! And you go straight ahead, then you make a right turn, then a left one, you go a little further and you arrive! You park, push the button and get out of the car! See? Is so simple, mama! What do you say? You want to try?

-So simple hah? I don’t have to do anything else…

-Well, you do, of course! You have to put your seatbelt on and then you have to put my seatbealt on and you have to press the pedals. You push the pedals and the car goes vrum, vruuum. You don’t push them, it stops. You want to try, mama?

-I don’t really want. But is a good thing that you know how, if we will ever need you to drive it…

-Mama, I am a child! I cannot drive daddy’s car! Come on, hurry up, is cold and I will be late for today activities.


Driving lesson

Only the happy hearts go to kindergarten

-Mammy, it is time to wake up!

She mumbles something and turns on the other side.

-It is late dear, if you want to go to kindergarten you have to wake up now.

She sits, with her hair all messy and in the sleepiest voice she says:

-I will go when I will be happy! Right now my heart it’s not happy! My heart tells me that I have to sleep more!

-So, you’re not going to kindergarten today?


-Baby?Are you going or not?

-No!I’m not happy, didn’t you hear me? I cannot go like this, with an unhappy heart!

The spy and the wafer thief

It is lunch time. We finish our lunch and while I wash the dishes she asks me from the other room for a desert. She would like a reindeer’s ear. I told her she ate the ears yesterday and that I will bring her the nose in a few minutes.

-Is it red? she asks in the most curious voice.

-No, is orange.

-Good then, bring it as it is, orange …

In that moment, someone rings at the door. 

-Who is it? The courier?What is he bringing? Books? Orrr , maybe a present? A new game? Is definitely a new game, right? From Saint Nicholas!

-Saint Nicholas came Wednesday evening, he will come again next year, I answer as I go to open the door.

-He came again yesterday morning at the kindergarten, I found some sweets in my closet and one little candy. Oh, where is my little candy? I left in daddy’s pocket! What if he lost it?? You think he will loose it?

-He won’t loose it, worst case scenario he will eat it, I said and open the door.

I pay the courier, take the package, I wave good-bye and close the door.

She continues the discussion:

-Call daddy right now! she commands. Tell him not to eat the candy, it is MINE!

-I will text him. If you are certain that you left it in his pocket… Maybe you lost it. I wonder what kind of little candy it was and why Saint Nicholas brought it to a kindergarten kid.

I open the package, throw away the box, I wash my hands and I take her the nose of the reindeer.

-Did you called him? she asks in a serious voice, with her mouth full of chocolate. 

-If I would have called him, you would have heard, don’t you think? No, I haven’t called him yet. 

I go in the kitchen to find some desert for me too. I open the door to a cabinet, I take a wafer, it’s from Saint Nicholas, I open the package and start eating it. From the other room I hear a sweet voice:

-What have you opened? Another desert? For me? What is it? What? I want some too, please!

-It is not, it’s the package from the courier, I lie quickly, frightened by her paranormal powers.

-You already opened the box, it was another kind of sound. That is a dessert!Come on mammy, give some to me! What is it? Is a good wafer, with blue package, right? I want some!

Oh, God! I can’t do anything anymore in my own house without her knowing my every move. I can’t even sneak out to eat something sweet.

I take the wafer to her.

-I told you it was the good one in blue package! It has cream, it’s my favourite!

-Yes, along with the reindeer, haribo and the lolipops, they are all your favourites! So you know, that was my dessert, not yours! I say in the saddest voice and go back to the kitchen.

I have one more wafer in the cabinet. I open the radio, so that the enemy doesn’t hear what I’m doing and take out the desert. I eat it slowly, with slightly disappointment. It doesn’t have the same taste when I eat it like that, sneaking around.

While I chew the last bite, there she comes, with cream all over her cheeks and hands.

-What are you eating? Another dessert? Do you have some more?

-What are you doing here?

-I came to wash my hands, she answers trying to lick the melted chocolate from her fingers.

Then she turns, takes her little stool, that stays right next to the counter where the reindeer is, put it by the sink and says:

-Aha, the boots were red, not the nose!


-The reindeer. I knew I saw something red on it…

-Do not even think about it! I interrupt her sentence, while I dry her hands with a towel. You cannot eat any more sweets today. You ate more than enough. Tomorrow you will get another sweet.

She think for a minute then she asks me:

-What did the courier brought? It was something for me! Books, right? Ah, there are right here on the chair! Oh, they are beautiful! Come on mammy, read me the new books right now!