To the educators of the world

Dear all,

You have chosen one of the most difficult and yet most important jobs and you made it your passion and your art. One that you practice all day, with patience, commitment and devotion. It is also the most beautiful job in the world because your role is to shape and prepare for life beautiful and innocent little humans, pure and untouched yet by the ugliness of the world. For them you will always be the first and the most important teacher, the first to guide their journey to the great unknown, the Universe! You are the light in the darkness of not knowing if they are enough or not. Of course they are, but they still need your kind reminder.

To all of you, thanks for all the love and affection you give!

Illustrations by Kevin Henkes

Green apples and compliments

We sit in bed, next to each other and we eat green apples. Of course is it not allowed, but no one can sees us, so…

Green apples are her favourites. And the red ones, and the yellow ones, and the apples she picks up from her grandparents orchard, all the apples in the Universe are her favourites.

-Baby girl, do you know how pretty you are?


-How do you know?

-Matthew told me!

-He did? What did he said?

-That I am beautiful.

-And what did you respond?

-That I like it.


-That he told me that. His “competent”

-You mean his compliment.

-Yes mama! Why don’t you pay attention? That’s what I said, compliment!






Spring books


Aliens are humans too

I give her a big hug. She is looking at me, as if she has to remember al my face features for the entire life.

-Mammy, are you an alien?

-No baby, why?

-Because you have green eyes, mama! We all have brown eyes in our family. Only your’s are green! Tell me, mam? Are you? An alien?!


Driving lesson

It’s a sunny but cold morning. We walk in a fast pace to the car, to get warmer. Suddenly she stops and with a happy voice she says:

-Look mama, this is daddy’s car! Can we go with it at kindergarten? Please!!!

-Baby girl, mama doesn’t know how to drive daddy’s car!

-I will show you how, I know!

-You do, don’t you? How come?

-I saw how daddy does it and now I know.


-You go sit in the driver seat, press the round button and the car starts moving. It has a sensor, you know? When there is no more space, it will beep. Then you stop, you signal and you go! And you go straight ahead, then you make a right turn, then a left one, you go a little more and you arrive! You park, push the round button and get out of the car! See? Is so simple, mama! What do you say? You want to try?

-So simple hah? I don’t have to do anything else…

-Well, you do, of course! You have to put your seatbelt on, but first you have to put my seatbealt on and you have to press the pedals. You push the pedals and the car goes vrum, vruuum. You don’t push them, the car stops. You want to try, mama?

-I don’t really want. But is a good thing that you know how, if we will ever need you to drive it…

-Mama, I am a child! I cannot drive daddy’s car! Come on, hurry up, it’s very cold and I will be late for today activities.


Driving lesson